We are now accepting new clients and conducting Telehealth counseling sessions!

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Healing Spaces Behavioral Health, LLC specializes in the mental health care of older adults, their caregivers, and families. We are located in Lancaster and are licensed to serve anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.  We are able to offer in-home, online, and in-office counseling services. 


Individual & Family Psychotherapy Sessions

Individual and family sessions are tailored to your goals and needs. In initial sessions, we take the time to hear your story. Your therapist works with you to clarify your goals. We then develop a plan collaboratively-- setting out steps toward each of your goals.  


Education through Counseling

Counseling is often about learning and practicing new skills! What might you learn about yourself? What skills would you like to develop? Through counseling, you may find a new way to describe what you're feeling or be able to identify a particular behavior pattern. These skills are part of lasting, long-term healing. 


Are We The Right Fit?

Finding a therapist is like finding the perfect pair of jeans! We especially love to work with clients who fully engage in therapy. Our clients tend to work on new skills in between sessions, ask a lot of questions, and read articles or listen to podcasts relevant to their treatment. Ultimately, they hold themselves accountable for their healing and success.  

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or are in these situations, please call or send a message through the website. 

You may benefit from our services if:

  • You are grieving the loss of a loved one (family member, friend, pet)
  • You don’t feel motivated to get out of bed and often feel tired, stressed, tearful, and hopeless
  • You find sleep challenging because you can’t “turn your brain off”
  • You are facing your own mortality or that of a loved one 
  • You are the adult child of someone who is experiencing physical and mental changes associated with normal aging or any type of dementia, and you and your family need help coping 

Who can we help?

  • Adults of all ages, particularly those in a time of transition 
  • Caretakers of adult parents, spouses, or community members
  • Older adults, both in care homes or living independently

What change could you expect to see?

  • Improved communication with your loved ones
  • Limit-setting in your relationships with others
  • Improved confidence 
  • Improved ability to articulate feelings and thoughts
  • Improved awareness and understanding of your feelings and thoughts
  • Enhanced coping skills in relation to change, adjustment, and loss
  • Better sleep
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Growth in knowledge about how thoughts, behaviors, and emotions influence each other