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Dementia Friends of Pennsylvania

Healing Spaces Behavioral Health's clinician Sara Crowers is a Dementia Friend!  She has specific knowledge of different types of dementia, understands how to help people with dementia (and their families) have a high quality of life, and can educate families and caregivers on communication skills to support your loved one who has been given a dementia diagnosis.  To learn more about becoming a Dementia Friend, visit https://www.dementiafriendspa.org/

'Ted Talk' by Brene Brown


This talk speaks to something almost everyone has experienced in their lifetime - Shame.  Shame can keep us from processing our experiences and feeling close to others.  Consider her research and her perspective on the importance of vulnerability.

How to Choose the Best Psychotherapist

1.  If you will be utilizing insurance coverage, consult your insurance company to find the in-network providers in your geographic area. 

2. If you are seeking self-pay providers, ask people you trust for recommendations and/or do an internet search.

3. Choose a minimum of three providers to interview over the phone prior to scheduling an intake.

4. Important things to note:

- If you have any negative feelings or senses when you speak to the provider or their office staff, you may want to move to the next provider on your list. Listen to your gut!

- Many mental health care providers have a long waiting list. If you cannot wait, keep moving down your list of providers. You are the client and they are in business to serve you!

- Try to find the provider that fits you best that you can afford. Years of experience does not always translate to quality or best fit.

5. Allow at least 3 sessions to determine whether your clinician is a good fit for you. This will give you time to get to know your clinician.  He/she is also getting to know you and what you need.

8. Above all, the clinician you choose needs to be someone you trust not to judge you, who will advocate for you, and who genuinely cares and values you as a whole person.