We are now accepting new clients and conducting Telehealth counseling sessions!

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Telehealth Psychotherapy

Also referred to as Distance Counseling, Healing Spaces Behavioral Health offers counseling via online video conferencing.   


Telehealth has many benefits.

These include: 

  1. Accessible counseling from anywhere in Pennsylvania, regardless of distance from our office.
  2. Counseling available during inclement weather. 
  3. Clients no longer have to worry about traffic or mobility issues. 
  4. We ensure our client’s privacy. We use HIPAA-compliant and encrypted software to block anyone else from your online conversation. 

Things to remember about Telehealth:

  1. Telehealth is often not ideal for clients who are actively suicidal or at risk of self-harm. 
  2. Though modern technology is sophisticated, there may be delays or glitches at times during a session. 
  3. Emotional cues can be harder to read over a video screen. 
  4. Requires greater patience and flexibility. 
  5. In this new environment, our clinicians are constantly building their virtual skills. We work to stay ahead of the curve so you can get the best service available. 

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