We are now accepting new clients and conducting Telehealth counseling sessions!

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Healing Spaces Behavioral Health, LLC is dedicated to the holistic counseling of seniors, caregivers, and families. 

The More You've Lived ...

...the more evident it is that life is full of transitions and that no one is immune to change. 

At Healing Spaces, we learn to move gracefully through life’s transitions. Whether you are a caretaker, being cared for, or both--we specialize in transitions such as the loss of loved ones, pets, and personal independence.  Through our one-on-one sessions, our clients harness their resilience and squeeze the best out of what life still has to offer. They begin to feel good again. 


What makes us unique?

At Healing Spaces, we offer several options to serve you wherever you find yourself in life. We can meet you: 

  • In your home (Lancaster area)
  • Online (licensed to serve anyone in Pennsylvania) 
  • In our confidential office space, located at 313 W. Liberty Street, Lancaster, PA 17603

We offer an affordable sliding-scale rate. 

Come tell us your story; together we can forge a path that works for you.

COVID-19 Response

In the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Licensed Social Worker Sara Crowers is able to offer same-week tele-health counseling sessions to clients who may be particularly anxious or stressed due to the emotional and financial impacts of the pandemic. 


What is Telehealth Psychotherapy?

In this new environment, our clinicians are constantly building their virtual skills. We work to stay ahead of the curve so you can get the best service available. 


As part of the Open Path Collective program, clients can search for counselors who utilize a sliding scale payment structure-- making mental health services more affordable. Visit Open Path (link) to learn more.